Talk Show

“Semi-Opened Windows” 

Talk show “Semi-Opened Windows” was created in 2010. From 13 December 2010 it is in “A-TV” channel broadcast.

For more than 5 years the social talk show reveals the problems of different sectors of society. With this program, people are able to talk about their problems and get support and help from society, from experts, and simply from good people. The program helps low-income families to get back on their feet. The program also assists unemployed, in need of social assistance people to find a job. With the help of the Charitable Fund “Semi-Opened Windows” provides financial assistance.

Charitable Fund “Semi-Opened Windows” was created by the LLC “A-TV” on 4 July 2012. The Foundation operates on the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia. The fund is also ready to operate in the territories of other countries, in accordance with the legislations of those countries.

The aim of the Fund is to provide assistance to people affected by military actions, by natural disasters, by the consequences of epidemics, and participate in the elimination of those consequences.

The Foundation collaborates with governmental and non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Armenia and with foreign and international companies and educational institutions.