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  • May 12, 2019

Hard passing stаtions

Resident of Vanadzor – Silva Mikaelyan, was examined a year ago and the doctors told her that the young woman had a malignant formation in breast. Silva applied to the National Center of Oncology for the purpose of determining the course and sequence of the treatment, but it turned out that investigations are not free.

During the shootings of the program of TV Show ‘’Semi-Opened Windows’’ the expert of the show – Lamara Manukyan – Head of the Therapeutic Therapy Service of Medical Union N 2, having looked through Silva’s documents, offered to  apply to the Minister of Health-Arsen Torosyan.

A few days after writing the letter Silva’s treatment began by directive of the minister.

We bought enough food for the family, and sweets for children, with the money transferred by Anna Mikayelyan and Harut Sahakyan by means of website klf.am .

With the money transferred by the resident of France – Manuk Yeranosyan tumor marker tests and other tests were done, after which chemotherapy course started.

Although another stage of the disease is overcome, however, a long way is still awaited Silva and her family – to do away with the disease finally.

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