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Talk Show

“Semi-Opened Windows”

“Semi-Opened Windows” talk show was created in 2010. It has been broadcasting on A-TV since December 13, 2010.

More than one decade without a break and  rest on the air and more than 2,500 programs and stories.

“The Semi-Opened Windows” talk show, which has been broadcasting on A-TV since 2010, presents to the viewer the problems of different segments of the society and gives them the opportunity to get the support and help of the best professionals in the field, the community or just kind people. During the program are discussing various topics: social, legal, medical and family.

To each episode is being showed a special attitude and special experts relevant to the topic are invited, who, with their professional advice and support, provide effective solutions to the participants’ problems.

For 10 years, the creative team of the program has prepared exclusive, special and jubilee programs, during which have been spoken about the problems of famous people, the successes and achievements of losses.

Scandalous programs are included in the talk show “Semi-Օpened Windows” too. During them, the most unexpected revelations and discussions take place, which shock both the TV viewers and the experts.

“Semi-Օpened Windows” also has had a football discussion. In the pavilion before the most awaited football match: Barcelona-Real Madrid, the most devoted fans of the two strongest clubs of the century have discussed the sports condition of “El Clásico” football players and predicted the outcome of the game.

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