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  • May 15, 2018

Armenia – My Life

Talking about childhood Nelan Charchyan always remembers December 7, 1988. Before the earthquake, Nelan used to see bad dreams – kindergarten and school were destroying.

For years, Nelan has been trying to recover from what she had seen and overlived, both psychologically and physically: she says that has not completely managed to get over it yet.

Her parents moved to Russian Federation while had been treating in the United States. Nelan could not and did not want to live abroad. She says she cannot live without Armenia.

Nelan works at the Ministry of Emergency Situations as 911 service operator. It seemed that life has prepared a beautiful surprise for her; she meets her love, gives birth to a son and calls him Narek.

Today Narek is four years old, but once again, she gets blow – the father of the baby leaves his pregnant wife before the boy’s birth, and Nelan stays confined to a wheelchair, in a rented apartment alone with her baby.

Having seen the program ”For you, Armenia” the Davletian-Hakhnazarian’s family from the United States made a decision to help Nelan and her son – Narek paying their one-year house rent.