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  • May 14, 2018

Dreams come true


Khachik Badalyan and Haykanush’s large family had been living in Karvachar for 13 years and returned to Armenia. Khachik came to Yerevan to realize his middle son Hrachik’s dream. According to Khachik, his son – Hrachik is fond of rap, he sleeps with rap and wakes up with rap, he writes rap lyrics himself, and he spends his free time only on writing his rap songs. Hrachik started reading rap a few years ago. The first rap he heard was the “Haykakan Drakht -Armenian Paradise” from “Mer Bak- Our Yard “. Then he began to take interest in other rap songs. Already for a year, he has been writing his own raps. He has just written a rap about Armenians and being Armenian.

13-year-old Hrachik is dreaming of recording his songs. He talked about this in the pavilion of ”Semi-opened windows”. The experts Nare Aramyan and Mamikon Khurshudyan promised to help him.

On the next day after broadcasting of the program, the editorial office received a call from a music arranger Vahan Nahapetyan. He expressed a desire to make musical arrangement of Hrachik’s songs and accomplish his dream.

After making the musical arrangement, the time has come to record his rap.

Composer Arman Antonyan suggested his assistance and our next meeting with Hrachik took place in Arman Antonyan’s recording studio.

Hrachik is very happy today. His dream has already become a reality. Shortly afterwards, lyrics ”Hayoc Lanյer – Armenian Hills” has appeared on the Internet and already has over 150 views.