• 1 Yeghvard Hwy, Yerevan
  • +374 60503317
  • May 25, 2018

Helping hand was extended on time.


Today Alvard and Roman – young parents of three children, barely manage to solve the problem of a daily bread. Roman earns theirdaily living by working in the field or by grazing the cattle. The family has a problem of daily bread. One day they are fed, one day- hungry, one day – cold, one day – warm, the family lives with the hope that one daykind people will knock at their door and will extend a helping hand.

Mrs. Alvard is a housewife and she cares for three minor children. The children were eagerly awaiting our visit and happily welcomed us.

We have taken them food provided by ShoghikPolyanfrom faraway United States.

Alvard and her children were happy especially for clothes, and Marietta – for her new schoolbag. According to Mrs. Alvard, the children haven’t got newclothes for a long time.

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