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  • September 21, 2021

Summary N4 2021

The <<Kisabac Lusamutner>> program once again presents the results of its work. The stories presented on the Kisabaclusamutner.com website do not go unanswered, our compatriots living in Armenia and abroad continue to follow the life story of the participants who appeared in our pavilion, changing many destinies due to their investments. The Kisabac Lusamutner Foundation together with our compatriots living abroad visited our participants, taking with them food, clothes, household items, and other material aid. <<Zhest>> Psychological Center continues to cooperate with the Kisabac Lusamutner Foundation, within the framework of cooperation, a team of psychologists works with the participants of our program, helping them to maintain and improve their health.

The number of families receiving assistance will double, maybe triple if you join this initiative too. If you have the opportunity and desire to join us, call our editorial office: +37493493317 or write to our official websites: