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  • May 16, 2018

They are not alone

Knarik Hakobyan lives with her husband – HovikAivazyan, and their four minor children- 9 year old Eric, 4 year old Armine, two and a half year old Alex and 5-month-old Mane, in a one room rented apartment in the town of Artik of Shirak province. Knarik is raising her four minor children as far as she is able to, however, as her husband does not work, and she has to care for the children, she often cannot solve even the problem of food.

Family lives on Hovik’s 2nd degree disability pension and the allowance. Living in socially bad conditions, Knarik and Hovhannes cannot even pay utility payments. They were borrowing food from stores, but the debts were accumulated and the store no longer lent them food.

Knarik confesses that the clothes are already small for the children and Eric goes to school in old and torn shoes.

Let’s hope that we have lightened the burden of these families and they can state that they are not alone, there will always be people who are ready to share their daily cares.