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  • June 23, 2021
  • Nor Brajur, Artsakh

Closed road


In 2001, Mariam and Hamlet offered to sell his parents’ house and move to the village of Nor Brajur in the Shahumyan region. In Nor Brajur, the parents of 7 children had everything they dreamed of, but did not even imagine that one day they would have to demolish their dream home with their own hands and burn the property they had. Due to the resumption of the Artsakh war in September 2020, the Hakobyan family left Nor Brajur. The road to New Brajur is still in the minds of the Hakobyans, they have a deep hope that the road to the village, to their home will be open not only for them but for all Armenians.

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