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  • June 14, 2021
  • Mayramadzor, Hadrut

Day by day, part by part


Vardan, who moved to the village of Mayramadzor in the Hadrut region in 1992, suffered serious health problems after participating in the Artsakh war in 1994, which left him amputated. The Amirjanyans not only left the accumulation of their years in Mayramadzor, but also handed over the land to their only support after the last Artsakh war. Vardan’s nephew drove his family out of Artsakh, and he went back to the battlefield, from where he never returned. Vardan moved with his family to his paternal home in Metsamor, where the family was not in the best of conditions.

Օր-օրի մաս-մաս, օր օրի մաս մաս, օր-օրի մաս-մաս, Or-ori mas-mas, or ori mas mas, Day by day part by part, day by day part by part