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  • July 1, 2021

Geghecik’s “beautiful” life


Geghecik envisioned a beautiful future for himself. It was because of these ideas that she divorced her first husband and married a second time. However, the second husband also did not live up to Geghecik’s expectations, took everything and left. Shortly afterwards, Geghecik met his third husband, who had a roof over his head, but after her husband’s death, his only sister, Taguhi, became his guardian. Geghecik has health problems, and can not move on his own, and Taguhi has to take care of her sister every minute. Today, Geghecik is waiting for his son, who will be released from prison in a few months.

Gegheciki <<geghecik>> kyanqy, gegheciki geghecik kyanqy, Գեղեցիկի <<գեղեցիկ>> կյանքը, Geghecik’s “beautiful” life