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  • June 21, 2021

Interrupted without asking


When looking at Mrs. Seda, it is impossible not to notice her 82-year-old eyes, which have already seen death and are still struggling. Seda first lost her husband, and her two sons died in accidents. Seda, who is on the verge of old age, still needs care and still holds her 61-year-old son Suren in her mother’s arms. Suren has health problems and Seda takes care of her son’s needs on her own, trying to take care of her son’s unfulfilled dreams at this age.

Ընդհատեցին առանց հարցնելու, ընդհատեցին առանց հարցնելու, Yndhatecin aranc harcnelu, Endhatecin aranc harcnelu, Interrupted without asking