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  • March 17, 2020

Mother’s hands 2


After the broadcast of the program with the title “Mother’s Hands” at the beginning of the year, the editorial office of Semi-opened Windows was informed that Mariam, who was in the care of her mother, had died. Mrs. Rosa is sure that her granddaughter was beaten to death by her mother-Hasmik. Everyone is shocked by the horrific death. Not only the girl’s relatives complain but also her mother’s former neighbors (Hasmik’s or Anna’s -as she is called in Shengavit district). Now the girl’s uncle and grandmother speak and do their best to reveal her mother’s true face. Hasmik denies everything and states that the girl’s death was caused by her health problems.

Whether Hasmik will come to the pavilion to defend her interests and to meet Mariam’s grandmother and uncle for the first time after the brutal accident, will be clear at the end of the program.