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  • November 9, 2021
  • Mayisyan, Armavir

The 12-year-old tractor driver


After the birth of her children, her only goal was to prevent her four children from going through the hardships that Julietta went through. After living together for 8 years, Julietta left her husband  and  returned to her paternal home  with 4 children , however, unable to adapt to a home without basic paternal conditions, Julietta moved with her four minor children to live in Mayisyan’s former kindergarten, where they were even worse off. For the past three years, Julietta has been spending the night with her children by candlelight, wondering when this nightmare will end.

Մայիսյան, Արմավիր, 12-ամյա տրակտորիստ, 12-amya traktoriste, Armavir, Maysisyan