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  • July 5, 2021
  • Jrakus, Artsakh

The decisive third

Vladimir Ishkhanyan, living in the village of Jrakus in the Hadrut region, after hearing that the enemy was attacking, for the third time considered it his duty to go and take part in the battle. Working in Jrakus for years, working 24 hours a day, Vladimir created everything for the well-being of the children, until the last minute on the battlefield, he forbade the family to leave their native village. With the help of Vladimir’s comrades-in-arms, the family was able to find shelter and move to Charentsavan, where the family must try to start all over again for the second time.

Որոշիչ երրորդը, որոշիչ երրորդը, Ջրակուս, Արցախ, Voroshich yerorde. voroshich erorde, The decisive third