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  • July 7, 2021
  • Kovsakan, Artsakh

The village of my childhood


The Tamaryan family of nine left the town of Kovsakan in the Kashatagh region, but to this day, 58-year-old Tamara keeps the keys to the house she left in Kovsakan, thinking that one day it will reopen the closed door. At the age of 22, Tamara decided to get married, and years after the marriage, she moved with her family from the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Artsakh . The last war in Artsakh, like many others, deprived the Tamaryans of their years’ earnings and brought them to Tamara’s childhood village. Tamara’s and  relatives from the town of Kovsakan in the Kashatagh region are left with only memories that they hold deep in one corner of their heart, hoping that one day they will enjoy what they have done again.

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