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  • April 12, 2019

Two ways


After unhappy marriage Aramayis Sargsyan moved to his house in Erebuni administrative district of Yerevan to live with his sister-Susanna and her daughter-Nelli. With his daily work 59-year-old Aramayis cares the needs of two families at the same time. His sister – 62-year-old Susanna Sargsyan and her daughter do not help Aramayis but even complicate his life. Aramayis can no longer tolerate his sister’s untidiness and indifference towards him. Aramayis’ two daughters are married and his wife lives in Russian Federation. Today Aramayis is warried about the situation in his daughter’s family. He is thinking of reuniting in order his daughter can live with him again, however, there are plenty of obstacles. Aramayis faces the choice between the two ways.