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  • April 15, 2021
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For no reason, reasons:Help

Vardanush Grigoryan lives with her son’s family in Sardarapat community. The Grigoryans live on benefits and pensions. Saving that money, Mrs. Vardanush is able to pay the utility costs and buy land bread. They can buy only  food . A few days ago,  Vardanush called the editorial office and asked for help. According to him, the children were hungry, there was no way to feed them. They had a clothing problem. The next day our film crew moved to Sardarapat village. Our visit was a surprise for Vardanush’s family. They did not expect us to respond so quickly. We took food with us, which will be enough for a few weeks. Vardanush will not have to buy food and clothes for the children on credit. Schools start because of the lack of money, we could not buy anything for the children, but we took school clothes with us.  Vardanush kept repeating that we came at the right time because she did not know how to feed a large family today.                                                                                                                                                             The number of families receiving assistance will double, maybe triple, if you join this initiative. If you have the opportunity ans you want to join us, call our editorial office: +37493493317 or write to our official websites:




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