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  • June 2, 2021
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From Myurishen: Help

The second Artsakh war, which resumed on September 27, 2020, became fatal for Mariam and Gagik, who lives in Murishen. On the same day, Mariam left the village with her three children, with whom, according to her, she had so many dreams. On October 24, Gagik was wounded during the fighting in Mataghis. Gagik has already undergone six surgeries. At the moment he is still being treated, there are long rehabilitation works ahead. The Arustamyan family now lives temporarily at Mariam’s sister’s house in Etchmiadzin. Gagik applied to the Artsakh government regarding the apartment. Gagik does his best to start working again so that he can take care of the family. Our compatriots living abroad, both during the war and today, stand by the people of Artsakh who became homeless as a result of the war. Our compatriot living in the United States,  provided the family with the necessary items, such as a wardrobe, a washing machine, food and, of course, medicine, which is very necessary at the moment for Gagik to get up as soon as possible.

The number of families receiving assistance will double, maybe triple, if you join this initiative. If you have the opportunity ans you want to join us, call our editorial office: +37493493317 or write to our official websites:




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From Myurishen