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  • July 31, 2020

Guests from the USA

Residents of the USA – Ter-Petrosyan and Simonyan families, decided to help the needy families in Armenia. Andrey Nersisyan, who lives in Armavir province, states that all that is very necessary to his family. Artyom, Nairi, Karen, Alik and Tigran happily opened their gifts and started to play with toys. The members of the family were excited, without hiding their happiness they were filling the empty refrigerator with food.

Residents of the USA – Ter-Petrosyan and Simonyan families decided to help the Babayans too. With the donated money we bought them food: grains, oil, butter and sweets. Helping each other, the members of the family were bringing the gifts in, with enthusiasm they were opening the gifts and without hiding the excitement, were thanking for attention and for not forgetting them. The children, growing up in the family, were especially delighted with the toys.

Fenya and Sergey Babayan live with their three minor grandchildren in Geghanist village. When their daughter-in–law left, grandparents took the care of their grandchildren. 56-year-old Mrs. Fenya not only takes her grandchildren’s care, but also thinks of how to earn for daily bread. Mrs. Anik brought for the children stationery, bags, hygiene items, food, sweets and toys, everything that was necessary to ease their daily needs.

69-year-old Angela has a peaceful family, she has been dreaming of, however, often she can not sleep quietly because of social problems. Mrs. Anik visited the participants of our program not empty-handed. She brought much food, sweets and many presents, the family was surprised.

There was much excitement and a lot of impressions. Each family has its own problems and its own way of  the solutions.