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  • June 20, 2019

House and household

No one in the Grigoryans’ family has even tried to dream about having a new house, while 26-year-old Anna deep inside her heart believed that if she wouldn’t, at least her children would have their own home one day.

Having seen the story of the family in the program of TV show “Semi-opened windows”, benefactor-resident of Los-Angeles, expressed willingness to help the family. The news about moving to a new apartment came soon.

Furnished 2-room apartment with all conveniences in Metsamor village of Armavir province was a dream of a young family, wich they would never be able to realize on their own means.

The benefactor also bought poultry, and also provided construction material for enlarging the farm in future . David had taken loans from banks in order to meet social needs and was unable to pay the debts. The benefactor resolved that problem too, paying off all David’s debts and loans. Anna states that they had applied to ”Semi-opened windows” for her husband’s health problems, however, not only her husband’s health problems were solved, but also they became the owners of a house. Today the family has everything to live in sufficiency and to rise up their child.

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