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  • June 22, 2021
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Imperfect past:Help

The Mkrtchyan family lives in Mkhchyan community of Ararat region. At the age of 40, Nshan and Mariam’s dream came true, and their son, Hayk, was born. Mariam does not work because there is no caregiver for the boy. Parents do not spare anything for their son with cerebral palsy. The sign does not have a permanent job, sometimes he does different work. The Mkrtchyans were very flattered and touched by our visit. Armine Gasparyan, who lives in Belgium, tried to show her little support to her family after watching the show. In addition to his son’s health problems, Nshan has been fighting for about 30 years to acquire ownership of the land in Mkhchyan village, where he has already built his small house. According to Nshan, if the land issue is resolved, he will build a house with his own work and cultivate the land. The family is waiting for the decision of the relevant bodies and the permission to use the land.

The number of families receiving assistance will double, maybe triple, if you join this initiative. If you have the opportunity ans you want to join us, call our editorial office: +37493493317 or write to our official websites:




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Imperfect past