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  • May 27, 2021
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Zhest: Help

During and after the last war in Artsakh, psychologists fought on their front to return the war participants and their relatives to normal life. “Zhest” psychological center hosted the families participating in the Kisabac lusamutner program. For years, the center has been working with the beneficiary families of the program on a free basis. Special educator Zhenya Gorgyan received the children and tried to understand what problems the children had through special games and exercises. Henrik Rubenyan has been attending the center for two years already. According to psychologist Lusine Grigoryan, Henrik is having quite good success after the visits. It should be mentioned that sexologist Vrezh Shahramanyan worked together with the psychologist. The staff of “Zhest” psychological center, in addition to providing psychological support, did not forget to make Children’s Day a holiday. The members of Rudik Haroyan “Masunq” traditional song and dance ensemble introduced the children to Armenian games, songs and games. And at the end, as always, the children and their parents were given presents by the center.

The number of families receiving assistance will double, maybe triple, if you join this initiative. If you have the opportunity ans you want to join us, call our editorial office: +37493493317 or write to our official websites: