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  • October 11, 2021
  • Gyumri

Dry and meagre


Hayk Nersisyan’s life turned upside down after the 1988 earthquake, due to which he is still unable to regulate his present and future ․․․ There is a whole story behind the gates of their house. When you enter, you see the houses of Hayk and Aghunik, which were built by the Nersisyans’ father after the 1988 earthquake. In recent years, siblings have been unable to turn on the tap in front of the cottages to quench their thirst, and they wait for snow or rain to meet their natural needs. Hayk and Aghunik live dry and meagre in their cottages in Gyumri, without water, and the people living next door have closed the doors of their house and refuse to give even a glass of water.

Չոր ու ցամաք, չոր ցամաք, Chor u camaq, Chor u Camaq,  Dry and deagre