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  • May 1, 2019
  • Tavush

On the tracks of the Lost


According to the resident of Tavush province – Artak Lulukyan, three years ago in the middle of July there was no feed for pigs in the village and the feed was brought from Georgia. He bought feed for pigs- wheat bran, in Berd and started to feed his pigs, ten days later Lulukyan’s 36 pigs started to die. The village veterinarian recorded that the pigs were poisoned by food. Artak states that he has not been able to sleep already for three years. He is very tensed and nervous. He says that he had 36 pigs and now there is not one left. The pigs costing $10,000 were lost. According to Artak he has got many loans because of cows, and now he is not able to pay as his only hope was the pigs. Artak says that the pigs are his work of many years.