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  • May 13, 2021
  • Berd, Tavush



Years ago, 52-year-old Aida met her husband, Armenak, and told him about what happened in the past and its aftermath before marriage. Aida told Armenak and all his relatives that he could not have children, knowing all that, they got married and lived together for years. The couple continued their life together in Ukraine, but in 2019, first Armenak, then Aida, returned to Berd, Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia, to her husband’s paternal home. After living together for 10 years, they realized that the absence of a child in the family greatly affects their relationship, which soon became the reason for their separation.

Շիփ-շիտակ, շիփ շիտակ, Ship-shitak, ship-shitak, Straightforward